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How do I care for my wreath/swag/garland?
All our luxury wreaths, swags and garlands will last well throughout December. Mist-spraying with water every few days will help keep them looking their best.

Can I add any extras to my wreath/swag/garland?
Of course; all of our wreaths, swags and garlands are handmade to order, so if there is something extra you would like us to add, or you would like a different coloured ribbon to the choices listed, please e-mail us at and let us know.

Do I need to be at home to receive my delivery?
Interlink Express, our courier, uses a text system to notify you of your delivery time window. You then have options to have your delivery left in a safe place, with a neighbour or re-delivered the following day. You can of course have your order delivered to a work address for convenience.

How does my order arrive?
Your order will arrive beautifully packaged in a strong custom-made cardboard box which will protect your wreath/swag during transit.

How long does it take after I have placed my order for it to arrive?
You can have your order delivered during any week to suit you.

Can I order a wreath/swag/garland for a friend?
Of course! All our wreaths, swags and garlands make wonderful presents. Just state on the order form if you would like your order delivered to a different address and please contact us if you would like to include a personal message.

How do I recycle my wreath/swag/garland after Christmas?
Because our handmade wreaths, swags and garlands are made of natural materials there are no problems with recycling once the festive season is over. They can be put in your green waste recycling bin or composted. The wire frame can be recycled too.

How do I recycle the packaging from my wreath/swag/garland?
The cardboard packaging is ideal for recycling.

How sustainable are the materials used for my wreath/swag/garland?
Very! All the natural materials used are entirely sustainable – fir is from trees which are replaced at least one-for-one when harvested, and our wild holly and ivy comes from the abundant Devon hedgerows. Our eucalyptus is from a small local plantation. We only harvest a small amount from each place to allow wildlife and the hedges to thrive.